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The Association for the Anthropology of Policy (ASAP) is hosting a series of casual planning session to develop session proposals for the 2023 AAA Annual Meeting (Toronto, Canada and hybrid online, Nov 15-19, 2023), themed Transitions.

We invite anthropologists studying policies as social, political, and cultural phenomena to join us to collaborate on proposals for panels, roundtables, and workshops for the 2023 annual meeting regardless your official membership status with ASAP. Please register to attend any planning session that fits into your schedule.

You do not need to be registered for the meeting, nor does your AAA membership need to be current, in order to submit a proposal. Once your proposal is accepted (in July), you must then have current membership and register for the conference by September 6, 2022.

Initial topic ideas reflect (a) suggestions made at the ASAP Membership Business Meeting that occurred at the 2022 AAA Annual meeting in Seattle Washington, which were then aggregated into topics and (b) topics that reflect ongoing commitments of ASAP leadership:

Derived from 2022 ASAP business meeting

Reflecting ongoing commitments

Far right authoritarian-ism incl Ukraine war

Anthropology and DEI initiatives

Environment and policy 

Engaging the Gap Between Policy and Practice/Implementation Science

Indigenous peoples & policies

Professional issues/appointments in a public policy school

Post-COVID governance, development and global economies

Mentorship in/beyond the field

Urban anthropology and policy

Publishing in public policy journals

Additional goals of planning sessions include:

  • To identifying existing relationships with other sections to facilitate co-sponsorship

  • To facilitate the identification of individuals who can serve in a variety of roles, for example:

    • Official roles other than paper presenter such as Organizer, Chair, or Discussant,

    • Mentors to support more junior contributors in panel development, submission, and preparation

Program chairs will be on hand to assist in making connections across the sessions.

Planning sessions and topics are meant to attract scholars with shared interests; they may yield more than one panel per topic. Proposed themes are not exclusive but meant to be an aid in attracting like-minded scholars in order to develop robust panels. We certainly encourage anthropologists of policy to independently organize panels or circulate requests via our Communities site for collaborators on panel ideas independent of these drop-in sessions.

Sessions are planned as follows:

Tuesday, February 14th at 10am Pacific US / 1pm Eastern US / 7pm Central Europe

Wednesday, February 22nd at 10am Pacific US / 1pm Eastern US / 7pm Central Europe

Thursday, March 2nd at 10am Pacific US / 1pm Eastern US / 7pm Central Europe

All ideas are welcome at all sessions. Please register for one or more session(s) that are most convenient for your schedule. We will maintain an open online document where ASAP members can communicate to plan sessions, regardless of session participation.


Please consult the AAA Meetings site for conference details. 

Panel submission: Important dates

The AAA portal is already open to submissions.

Wednesday March 22 (11:59 pm Eastern US) is the deadline to submit a proposal in the online portal.

Financial Assistant and Support

July 5 - August 2 (3:00pm Eastern US) is the period of time when a non-member guest presenter may request a reduced registration rate.

Wednesday, October 4 (11:59pm Eastern US) is the deadline for students to apply to volunteer.


We look forward to seeing you,

Noemi Lendvai-Bainton ( )

Sarah E. Raskin (

Program Chairs, Association for the Anthropology of Policy

AAA 2023

AAA 2022

The General Call for Participation is open!


Before starting your proposal, please view our step-by-step guide for creating a proposal.


All General Call for Participation submissions should be started no later than Wednesday, March 30, and submitted by Wednesday, April 6.


Start your proposal for the General Call now!

If you would like to share a CFP for your individual panel or roundtable at the 2022 AAA, please contact Jason Scott at

Call for participants for Seattle:

Engaging the Gap between Policy and Practice

Planned in-person panel to be submitted to the Association for the Anthropology of Policy

This panel seeks to explore what happens between the creation of a policy and its implementation. Authors have noted that the intended and actual outcomes of a policy often differ, that policies transform and travel. Shore and Wright (2011: 1), for example, write that a “policy finds expression through sequences of events; it creates new social and semantic spaces, new sets of relations, new political subjects and new webs of meaning.” One could argue that policies are negotiated along the way, in a space that scholars such as Thedvall (2019) and Crewe and Axelby (2013) have called the “gap.” Renita Thedvall (2019: 1), for example, argues that “putting the gap at the center reveals not only the disjuncture of the gaps but also the productiveness of the gap,” viewing this as a creative space for policy transformation, as a liminal space really (Turner 1966/1995), as something in-between policy and practice. 

This panel invites papers that place the “gap” in the center of their analysis. May it be in the form of areas forgotten about by a specific policy, groups deliberately omitted from the policy, or a disjuncture between intended and actual outcomes. We hope to engage the “gap” as a central point of analysis to understand how policies travel and transform; in what way policies engage the lives of people, nonhumans, and the environment. What can we learn about the lives of policies by an engagement from the vantage point of the “gap”?

Please send draft titles and abstracts (250 words) to by Wednesday, March 23rd.

Discussant: Renita Thedvall



Crewe, E. And Axelby, R. 2013. Anthropology and development: culture, morality and politics in a globalised world. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 

Shore, C. And Wright, S. 2011. Conceptualising Policy: Technologies of Governance and the Politics of Visbibility. In Policy Worlds: anthropology and the analysis of contemporary power. Shore, C., Wright, S. And Peró, D. (eds.). New York: Berghahn Books.

Thedvall, R. 2019. Blend Gaps through Papers and Meetings? Collaboration between the Social Services and Jobcentres. Social Inclusion, Vol. 7:1: 218-227. 

Turner, V. W. 1995. The ritual process: Structure and anti-structure. New York, NY: Aldine de Gruyter (Original work published 1966).

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