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Editor + Submission Instructions

ASAP publishes a regular column in Anthropology News featuring research reports, section news, and book reviews. We welcome proposals and submissions for columns.

The anthropology of policy is broadly concerned with the makings, workings, and effects of policy. Past contributions have examined elections, medical care, economic development, education, and more. 1,000 word columns are published in Anthropology News and to ASAP website.

To propose a column, please contact the ASAP AN Column editor, Theodore Powers at


The series explores policy as an anthropological phenomenon in its sharpest sense: from the way policies are conceptualized and performed and the roles they play in mobilizing actors and institutions and transforming political systems, to the methodological challenges their study poses for anthropology itself.

For more information about the series, including publication proposals, please contact the series editors, Cris Shore and Susan Wright at

Editor Information

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