ASAP is holding elections for two offices in 2020: Co-Presidents Elect and Secretary/Treasurer. Information about the candidates can be found below.


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Co-Presidents Elect (2 positions, uncontested)

Rebecca Warne Peters

Candidate Statement: The Association for the Anthropology of Policy (ASAP) is a vibrant, international community of scholars and practitioners furthering the critical study of policy, broadly considered. I have been mentored and supported through ASAP in my own research on international development policies and organizations and would be pleased to serve on the association’s board. As Co-President with Dr Renita Thedvall (Stockholm University) I would seek to continue the thoughtful growth of the association, promoting the anthropological study of policy, policy actors, and the policy process both within the broader discipline of anthropology and within the cognate disciplines of the policy sciences. I support ASAP’s historical commitment to a genuinely international association and would seek to increase the visibility and participation of scholars and practitioners from the Global South. I also have a special interest in promoting the anthropology of policy within policy schools and programs, and in making the findings of anthropological research more accessible to policy actors and mainstream policy scholars. ASAP should continue to be a resource and supportive home for scholars at any level as they advance our critical knowledge of organizations, bureaucracy, political action, governance, and power in all their forms.

Background: Education: PhD, Brown University, 2011; Positions Held: Assistant Professor of Anthropology (2020-Present) State University of New York at Oswego; Affiliate Researcher and Fulbright Scholar (2019) Southern African Institute for Policy and Research, Lusaka, Zambia; Assistant Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs (2011-2018) Syracuse University; Interests and/or Activities: International Development, Southern Africa, Bureaucracy and Organizations; Significant Publications: Implementing Inequality: The Invisible Labor of International Development, Rutgers University Press, 2020; “Symposium on Development Implementation: Discipline, Deception, and the Relational Work of Development” (co-edited with Jessica Mulligan, PhD), Critical Policy Studies, 2019; “Local in Practice: Professional Distinctions in Angolan Development Work,” American Anthropologist, 2016.

Renita Thedvall

Candidate Statement: The Association for the Anthropology of Public Policy (ASAP) has grown into a well-established section within the American Anthropological Association and in the process it has been a vital actor in creating a continuously growing research community dedicated to the anthropology of policy. As Co-President with Rebecca Warne Peters (State University of New York at Oswego) I will carry on the work and tradition of ASAP promoting the exploring of policy worlds and public policy within anthropology. Based in Europe, doing fieldwork in the European Union and Sweden, I will continue to build up the section by expanding ASAP’s contacts into networks and activities beyond the US. This includes drawing on long established collaboration with researcher within organization studies to promote the study of policy as a social, political, and cultural phenomena in the spirit of ASAP. I have been a member of ASAP from the start and have, through the section, held panels at the AAA, together with colleagues, on e.g. meeting ethnography, models, and classifications, which also reflects my research interest in the anthropology of policy. I have a particular interest in the methods of the anthropology of policy and I want to support contributions on methodological innovations when studying policy and ways of conceptualizing the “field."

Background: Education: (PhD, Stockholm University 2006; Docent, Stockholm University 2014) Positions Held: Associate Professor in Social Anthropology (2013-Pres), Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research, Stockholm University; Interests and/or Activities: policy, meetings, organization, bureaucracy, state; Significant Publications: Fast Childcare in Public Preschools. The Utopia of Efficiency Routledge, 2019; Meeting Ethnography. Meetings as Key Technologies of Contemporary Governance, Development and Resistance coedited with Jen Sandler, Routledge 2017; Negotiating impartial indicators. To put transparency into practice in the EU. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 2012.

Secretary/Treasurer (1 position, contested)

Theodore Powers

Candidate Statement: I am a sociocultural anthropologist whose research analyzes the dynamics of health and social inequality in post-apartheid South Africa. I have served as an appointed board member for the Association for the Anthropology of Policy since 2014, when I began working as a contributing editor for the section’s Anthropology News column. I have enjoyed working with the section and am now interested in taking on the role of treasurer/secretary. I believe that my time working as an appointed board member has prepared me well for this position. My research on the South African HIV/AIDS epidemic uses it as a lens for understanding the social dynamics of the post-apartheid era, focusing on the campaign for HIV/AIDS treatment access. Adopting a process-oriented approach, policy and health outcomes are contextualized as emerging out of socio-political dynamics at the metropolitan, provincial, and national levels. This research project has culminated with the publication of a book: Sustaining Life: AIDS Activism in South Africa (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2020). Thanks for your consideration of my candidacy, and I look forward to continuing to serve the Association for the Anthropology of Policy.

Background: Education: PhD, CUNY Graduate Center, 2012; Positions Held: Assistant Professor (2014-present), University of Iowa; Postdoctoral Fellow, Human Economy Program, University of Pretoria (2012-2014); Interests: Medical Anthropology, Anthropology of Policy, Health; Significant Publications: Sustaining Life: AIDS Activism in South Africa, Penn Press, 2020, The Anthropology of Austerity: An Introduction (with Theodoros Rakopoulos), Focaal, 2019, Pathways, Intersections, Hotspots: HIV/AIDS Interpersonal Networks, and HIV/AIDS in South Africa, Medicine Anthropology Theory, 2017.

Sarah Raskin

Candidate Statement: Hi there! I am a medical anthropologist appointed into a school of government and public affairs in a cluster hire, where I bring a critical perspective to engaged studies of dental safety net policies and practices, often through interdisciplinary collaborations and mixed methods designs. I was compelled to self-nominate for ASAP Secretary/Treasurer for two reasons. First, after a few years of light participation in ASAP while pursuing professional continuity, I am excited to be prepared to give back to the group from whom I’ve learned so much in the form of service and leadership. More importantly, however, is my commitment to contribute to the strengthening of networks both among and between anthropologists of policy working in conventional disciplinary appointments as well as the many anthropologists conducting research – and sometimes driving policy change—from positions outside of our home disciplines, for example in other academic departments, private research institutes, the public sector, or other settings. The devastating events of our current global moment – staggering wealth inequality, migration, racism, nationalism, authoritarianism climate change, healthcare inequity – make anthropological studies of both public legislation and private policy more essential than ever. I look forward to serving our diverse constituents and their important work.

Background: Education: PhD, University of Arizona, 2015; Positions Held: Assistant Professor (2017 - present) Virginia Commonwealth University; Research Scientist (2016-2017), George Washington University; Research Associate (2015-2016) LTG Associates Inc. Interests and/or Activities: health care safety net; moral economy; won Rudolph Virchow Graduate Student Paper Award (Society for Medical Anthropology) 2015. Significant Publications: “You have to keep a roof over your head”: A taxonomy of housing needs among cancer patients and survivors in New York City (with Serena Phillips et al.) Journal of Oncology Practice, 2019. Evaluating Different Types of Cancer Survivorship Care (with K. Holly Mead et al.) Washington, DC: Patient‐Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), 2019. “Toothless Maw-maw can’t eat no more”: Stigma and Synergies of Dental Disease, Diabetes, and Psychosocial Stress Among Low-Income Rural Appalachians In: Stigma Syndemics: New Directions in BioSocial Health. (Shir Lerman, Bayla Ostrach, and Merrill Singer, eds.) Lanham MA: Lexington Books, 2017.

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