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ASAP has created a AAA Travel Award of up to $500 to support AAA Conference attendance by ASAP members who will play a role in the section’s program and who are graduate students, recent graduates not yet fully employed, or contingent faculty. This role might be serving on the ASAP Board or Committees, organizing an ASAP Event or ASAP sponsored panel. Those who will be presenting a paper, sitting on a roundtable, or acting as a discussant may also be considered.

To apply, please complete the application form (below) and send to ASAP Treasurer, Diane O'Rourke at by May 29, 2020. ​The deadline for applications is normally one week after AAA’s proposal submission deadline. Since this is a moving target in 2020, feel free to send an enquiry at any time to Diane with ‘ASAP travel award application’ in the subject line.

Download the ASAP AAA Travel Award Application here


  • ASAP will create a travel reimbursement grant for funding travel of ‘role players’ to AAA meetings.

    • Role players may include not just elected Board members, but anyone who will be carrying out ASAP work at the meetings.  That would include members of the communications team (web, list, column editors) and people on committees. 

    • Organizers of ASAP-organized panels may also be considered, subject to the priorities listed below.

  • Eligibility

    • Applicants must be members of ASAP.

    • Applicants should be one of the following: a graduate student, a recent graduate not yet fully employed, or contingent faculty.

  • Funding

    • Individual awards will range from $200-500.

    • ASAP will explicitly budget $500 each year but will expend up to $1000 when funds are available in the budget.

    • The payment will be expense reimbursement for tax purposes, but recipients may request an advance with receipts to follow after the meeting.

    • Payment will be made by direct deposit to the recipient’s bank by the AAA. Recipients who are US taxpayers must file a W-9 withholding form with ASAP/AAA before any funds can be dispersed.

  • Priorities for selecting awardee:

    • Import of role played to ASAP aims.

    • Financial need, including cost of attendance, level of resources of applicant and availability of other funding, such as university support. 

    • Preference to applicants who have not previously had the opportunity to attend AAA.

  • Submission of applications

    • To ASAP Treasurer, copied to Co-presidents,

    • Via email attachment of application. (or by online application if/when this becomes possible)

    • An information sheet will be circulated to eligible ASAP members at the time the call for AAA proposals goes out. Circulation will be to

      • the extended board

      • conveners of committees to forward to eligible committee members

      • Program Chair or designated committee member to forward to any eligible event organizers.

    • Deadline will be 1 week after the AAA program deadline. Earlier inquiries may be made to the Treasurer  about prospects; late applications will be considered if funds remain available.

  • Decision-making process

    • The Award Committee will consist of the Treasurer and Co-presidents, and/or any members they appoint.  No applicant shall serve on the Travel Award Committee.

    • The treasurer will compile and distribute to other committee members a list of applications, noting role at AAA, amount requested, eligibility considerations, priority ranking.

    • If the decision is not straightforward, the application list will be sent to voting members of Board by mid-July.  If an applicant is a voting member, that person will be excluded from the discussion and vote.

    • Notification of awards will be made by 1 August.  Where relevant, the award is contingent on acceptance of paper or event.

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